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Which is better?

XVideos vs Pornhub

There are millions of porn websites online – an infinite amount of tits and asses of all shapes and sizes. Many websites require paid subscriptions, specifically ones featuring more professional entertainers. However, the rise of user submitted amateur content to free porn sharing sites has in many ways made pay website obsolete.

  • Sure the stuff is amateur, but there’s tons of it.
  • You’ll never be bored.
  • See something you don’t like and just click awaywith not a penny spent.
Two of the major players in the free amateur porn world are Xvideo and PornHub.

Both boast millions of active members sharing thousands and thousands of original amateur video clips, with more being added every day. But how do you know which website is better, Xvideo vs. PornHub? In my experience, both sites have their ups and downs but are similar in many ways – mainly that they’re free and amateur. I’ve been a huge fan of Xvideo since it came out in 1997 – so we’re talking a long time. When people starting getting super-fast cable and DSL connections, the number of videos and members soared. In fact, Xvideo is considered to be the most popular porn website globally, with nearly 350 million monthly visitors. The insane amount of original content is the best part – with a lot of it being pretty high quality stuff.

Not to say that PornHub isn’t also widely respected in the free online porn universe – it was once more popular than Xvideo. It still remains the largest porn site on the Internet and has dozens and dozens of different scenarios and fetish catergories to choose from. The search feature is excellent and something that comes in quite handy when you are looking for something very specific. Want to see Estonian lesbians tribbing with each other or a sexy Latina being fucked from behind? It’s all on Pornhub.

In my opinion, I think Xvideo has more original content and updates than PornHub. I’ve definitely seen the same shit floating around different sites – and it happens with these sites too, but luckily there’s so much more to choose from that it never really becomes an annoyance. I am constantly craving the freshest content – even if it is amateur – and Xvideo always delivers. In fact, I often find that amateur content is better than professionally shot stuff because it feels more authentic, and is therefore so much hotter. To watch two regular people fuck each other like they mean it is so much more satisfying than the same starlet getting ass-fucked by different guys over and over again.

At the same time, if you have your favorite porn stars (amateur or otherwise), Pornhub does have an impressive collection of classic clips. Need a little Pinky XXX action on your screen or perhaps the incredibly hung Sean Cody? You will find anyone and everyone here, from old timers to up and comers. The same goes for any type of fetish you may be interested in exploring, from fisting to DVDA.

Overall, Xvideo vs. Pornhub may be a debate that’s too close to call. Both free porn websites boast thousands of user-generated clips, uploaded every day from amateur performers around the world. You may find some professionally produced scenes or some of your favorite stars, or you may find yourself exploring normal people experimenting live for your enjoyment. I personally enjoy the latter but hey, there’s something for everyone, hence the insane popularity of both Xvideo and Pornhub and all of the other millions of porn sites in the world.