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Should I Upload Video When I Create Profile Page?

When it comes to adult dating sites, crafting the perfect profile page is essential if you want to have success – especially if you’re a guy. It’s no surprise that ladies have it easy as they generally have the pic of the litter – unless they are the runts that is. In my vast experience in the online dating world, the question of should I upload video when I create profile page is oft discussed and debated.

Many of my cohorts on the bigger sex forums refuse to upload video, unless it’s strictly dick pics. Others swear by having a little introduction for the ladies to see, as it shows you’re not a potential creeper. Remember – there are a lot of fakes out there and one or two profile pictures may not be enough to convince a girl you’re the real deal. I consider myself a pro at hooking up with women online and my opinion is to say yes to the video.

What you put in the video really depends on what website you’re on and what you’re looking for. You obviously wouldn’t put the same video on that you would on a hardcore BDSM site, so put some thought into how you want to come off. Common profile introduction videos on your run of the mill hookup site usually is brief and to the point – mine is usually about how I am a busy professional that loves to spoil girls rotten, as long as they spoil me in return. I’m not trying to come off as a sugar daddy, but chicks like that sort of thing.

It’s not hard to upload videos to sites, but again – don’t be a creeper and do not be fake or cheesy. You are who you are and you want who want, so put it out there. I have gone a bit further on a few sites as far as videos go – i.e., there may or may be videos of me getting off both solo and with partners floating around some of these sites. My face is covered but other site users can tell it is I – and I want them to know my skills. I’m no virgin and I have skills that make some girls scream out loud; and I like to show it off.

There may be good reason for you not to post a video to a profile page – mainly if you’re looking for discretion. Several sites catering to people seeking quiet affairs exist and one of the main points to stay under the radar. Many of these sites do guarantee that any and all communications between users is safe and secure – but this is the Internet and if the federal government and Sony can get hacked, so can some random hookup site. My advice to people seeking extreme discretion is that the more photos and videos of you out there, the better chance you’ll get caught. So should you put videos in profile pages or not? Again, the answer has to do with who and how you’re trying to hookup. People seeking long-term relationships are much different than people looking for a fisting partner – so keep this in mind. I find that introduction videos show you’re who you say you are – and can even if ladies a chance to see what you’re made of. Don’t be stupid, fake or a douche – and don’t show your face when carrying on extramarital affairs. When done right, videos on your dating or hookup profile page can help get you the results you desire in a much faster and more efficient way.