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Why Did I Cheat?

My Personal Cheating Experience

Why Did I Cheat? Did I Even Cheat?

I’ve been in a long-term relationship with a great girl for a while now, but I have to admit – things are getting past the “fuck like wild animals” phase and entering the yoga pants and The Bachelor phase. What’s a guy to do when their woman starts to desire your dick less and less? It seems like my girl is always too tired, or when she does want to get it on I’m not in the mood. I couldn’t help myself and started cruising hookup sites. Before long, I had to ask myself “why did I just cheat?” To get things straight – I am by no means a serial cheater. I usually have no problem ending relationships if things aren’t working out or I meet someone I like more. But this time was different – the sneaking around was so hot. The entire process of sending sexy messages back and forth with hot women and finding a way to meet and fuck like wild, just for a night, was mind-blowing.

But I still cannot get over the guilt that I am hurting my girlfriend – but at the same time, I wonder if the secret sex sessions would be as hot if I wasn’t sneaking around. After the first time, where I fucked a gorgeous 20-year old blonde, I wanted to do it again. I wondered if I should just straight up ask my woman if she was open to us fucking other people but staying together – but again, would the thrill of the random hook-ups be as hot and heavy?

I decided to wait one month and see how things panned out. My girlfriend and I would go out on dates and have sex occasionally, which was all fine and dandy. But at least two nights a week I was knee deep in all types of pussy – the types of girls doing things my girlfriend would never think of. This BBW let me fuck her in the ass while her friend whipped me – it was straight out of a fetish video you see on those BDSM sites. Again, the more random sex I had – the more I wanted. I downloaded Tindr and would actually swipe while sitting next to my girlfriend, like I was shoving it in her face. It wasn’t fair to her, even though it was insanely hot for me. My girlfriend eventually caught me swiping and I couldn’t exactly lie my way out of it – what would I tell her? I couldn’t tell how she felt – was she pissed? Was she going to dump me? I was surprised to find out that she was actually turned on – apparently she’s into swinging but was too shy to tell me right away in our relationship. How was it possible that I was having this luck? My girlfriend actually wanted me to fuck other women? It seemed too good to be true – and when she said she wanted to have random sex with guys, I couldn’t really say no.

I’m still with my girlfriend and our sex life has never been hotter. She loves it when I describe sex with other women when we’re together – I had no idea she was so kinky. She has even suggested a three-way, which we are trying to set up now. I can’t wait to have two gorgeous women sucking my dick and fucking me while making out with each other and rubbing each other’s tits. It makes me hard just thinking about it. And while my lady was a bit miffed that I technically cheated on her, I was lucky that she was cool about it. Not all women are the same, so tread lightly.