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I consider myself a pretty hip guy and am always looking for fun new ladies to spend time with. I’ve been around the block a few times, and will use any avenue available to connect with beautiful women. The bars and clubs are just fine but the most efficient way to get straight to the point – which for me is hot sex with no strings attached – is to use an adult hookup site.

I’ve tried every site under the sun, some with success and some without. I had read a review on a forum and it seemed legit. Most people said that they were able to not only find horny women of all types, but also that they could watch or upload amateur porn videos. It seemed like a one stop shop that I could definitely get into, so I decided to visit the site and see how long it would take for me to blow my load. When I went to the URL, I was re-routed to another page called Affair Alert.

The landing page featured gorgeous girls with huge naked tits inviting me to create a personal profile page. After answering a few simple questions about my sexual preferences, I uploaded a standard ab pic and began perusing profiles. I started to get tons of flirts and messages from ladies saying they were in my city and craving cum. Obviously this intrigued me but of course I had to sign up for a paid subscription before I could reply.

Starting On The Site

Now I have used plenty of online dating sites and I get that paying is the only way to seal the deal, so I am willing to shell out a bit of cash if it means pussy is close by. It generally is a gamble because lots of websites do what does – people make free profiles, get tons of sexy messages, sign up and then are left high and dry. But I’m no cheapskate – I do pretty well for myself and if you can’t afford a $30 gamble for some casual sex, then you probably are not the type of guy these chicks want anyways.

I entered my credit card information and signed up for one month of full access. Yeah it’s more expensive when you subscribe month-to-month, but who really cares? I want to know if this site works – aka I want to know if I am going to get quality pussy for my investment. As soon as I was paid up, I began to reply back to some of the girls that had sent flirts or messages while I was only a free member. I also sent some messages to some random hotties I happened to come across. While patiently awaiting for them to get back to me, I decided to check out what other features this all-in-one sex site had to offer.


The vast amount of amateur porn clips available was mind-boggling. Literally everything you can think of was there – from regular couples showing off for the camera to barely-legal girls touching themselves with the camera up close. I simply couldn’t resist watching some of these girls and ended up jerking off twice before I finally got a reply to one of my messages. I figured it’s always a good idea to head to date without a loaded weapon, so no harm no foul.

Her Name Was Lucy

A girl named “Lucy” had replied to a message I had sent about an hour before. She was not one of the original chicks that messaged me but she was a cutie – and her profile indicated she loved anal (one of my personal favorites). We sent some sexy messages back and forth and before I knew it I was hard again. She sent me some private pictures showing me everything – and I knew I had to have her. Lucy agreed to meet up later that night – she invited me to her place (hot) and I couldn’t wait to get there. Meanwhile I noticed that none of the original girls sent me messages; kind of a red flag but hey, I got one so how back can it be? In the meantime some more average looking chicks messaged me – I replied but in a more casual way. I am pretty much only looking for 8s and above but the more girls willing to suck my dick the better. When I got to Lucy’s place, I was a bit disappointed. She wasn’t as hot as her profile pic but she wasn’t ugly either. Let’s just say that picture was probably a bit…doctored. Anyways I didn’t care because I was about to fuck this girl inside out – which I proceeded to do. She let me go all in and it wasn’t long before I was spent. I left her place with the idea that maybe we’d meet again, maybe not. Who knows – there could be more horny girls messaging me at any time.